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About us

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SunGrouUSA &HarmonCity
is a corporation registered in the State oCalifornia.
It focuses on the following projects:

P.H.D. ¨C 1   California High Speed Rail Project
P.H.D. ¨C 2   Unmanned Electric Cars
P.H.D. ¨C 3   New Solar Energy Technologies
P.H.D. ¨C 4   Clean Water
Our executives and chief advisory group include PhD graduates from the Universities of Harvard, MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley as well as other notable institutions.
SunGroup USA, an important part of the Zero Emission Industry, is focused on its rapid development with the favorable conditions and resources available. It will aid the integration of our technology and development into the green economy zero emission and will provide safe, sustainable, and sound technical solutions.
Ħ°High speed trains running harmoniously with the natural power of the sunĦħ
Contact Information:
Jonathan Sun, President